Task Forces in the Qvaitican Defense Forces were organized as a way to accomplish tasks in a strategic fashion.



On December 1, 2012, the Qvaitican Department of Defense established a mandate that required every soldier to be categorized into task forces. Those soldiers would remain in their current units, but would also be added into task forces with soldiers from different branches of the Qvaitican Defense Forces. The first task force to be formed was Task Force Foxtrot Romeo Echo Echo (or TF FREE), in Madrex, Alderney.



Task Forces are ranked based on their successes of accomplishing instructions and on their speed, accuracy, organization, strategy, and cooperation. Currently, Task Force Sierra India Echo Romeo Romeo Alfa of Stockholm is ranked first.

# TF Strength Formation Stationed
1 TF SIERRA 1432 December 04, 2012 Stockholm, Qvait
2 TF ONE 1302 December 03, 2012 Yvette, Algonquin
3 TF TEN 1276 December 06, 2012 Ivanovski, Winston Island
4 TF FOX 1141 December 05, 2012 Louisberg, Euron
5 TF WILD 1380 December 02, 2012 La Casa, Nassex
6 TF METRO 1093 December 08, 2012 Metro, Unicy
7 TF GOD 0956 December 12, 2012 Tunguska, Tundra
8 TF ZONE 1305 December 04, 2012 Zulu, Canadia
9 TF GOLD 1048 December 03, 2012 Forge, Nexus
10 TF FREE 1329 December 01, 2012 Madrex, Alderney

Task ForcesEdit

Currently, the list of task forces start from A to ZULU.