President of the
Arctic Republic of Qvait
Victor Cutter

since April 1, 2012
Style Mr. President
The Honorable
His Excellency
(diplomatic, outside Qvait)
Residence Capitol Qvait
Stockholm, Qvait
Appointer Direct popular vote
Term length Four years
renewable thrice
Inaugural holder Victor Cutter
April 1, 2012
Formation Qvaitican Constitution
March 8, 2012
Salary €300,000 annually

The President of the Arctic Republic of Qvait (POTARQ) is the head of state and head of government of Qvait.


Powers and dutiesEdit

Selection processEdit


Campaigns and nominationEdit

Election and oathEdit

Tenure and term limitsEdit

The term of office for president and vice president is four years. The Qvaitican Constitution allows all eligible citizens to be elected to a total of four terms and bars everyone from being elected to a fifth term.

Vacancy or disabilityEdit



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