Board Guidelines (Last updated 08 March 2013)

The News and Announcements board has its own guidelines that everyone must follow, including the administrators.

  1. Be friendly
    These forums are for everyone, so treat others as you would have them treat you. Be a decent human being and show respect to your fellow editors. Please consider that for some editors, English is a second language. Also consider that all editors do not have your wisdom or general understanding of WikiText.

    Vulgar language and swearing, is not allowed. Swearing, even in abbreviation or phonetically, is not allowed. You can make your point just as easy, without such language.

  2. Post in English
    We're a multi-cultural and multi-lingual population here on the forums, let's all try and speak the same language so everyone can participate. Please be considerate to those who have difficulties with English.

  3. No flaming
    Other people will have different opinions than yours, that's their right. Don't flame someone for disagreeing with you. In turn, don’t post topics that will incite flaming, be thoughtful in your choice of words when composing your topic.

  4. No spam
    Continuing the spam specific guideline: Everyone likes to be able to read forums without going blind. Please refrain from posting spam, or other "nonsense" which serves no purpose. This includes "Cool story bro", "lolumad?" images and click to grow pets and other such websites, ASCII drawings, excessive or unneeded use of upper case letters, posting "First" and "Second" solely to show that you are one of the first to comment, seizure-inducing animated GIF images and overuse of bright colored text, excessively gory or violent images, this includes, but is not limited to meaningless or unproductive posts or replies (see Flaming). Also, unless you are creating a guide, tutorial or event with multiple consecutive posts any and all "/reserved" posts will be removed and you may receive a warning and a suspension.

  5. No advertising
    This is a community forum, not a place to peddle your site/wares. You can leave the blatant ad space filling to Wikia. This also includes links to websites that get users to generate hit counts, offer prizes for joining or attempt to lure users to sell unlicensed Wikia products and/or software.

    You are not allowed to sell your wares and/or services on the West Arctic Wiki forums. This includes but is not limited to eBay auctions, accounts of any kind, or any other service.

  6. No one gets favored
    Don't use attention seekers. What's an attention seeker, you ask? Using an administrator or moderator’s name in your topic, for example. You don't need to add our name(s) in your thread title, nor use all CAPS to get our attention.